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Published in Dainik Jagran

Published in Dainik Jagaran

Published in Dainik Jagran

Short Story

Published in Dainik Jagran

There is no comparison of the goodness of the sun light with anything else in this world. And now a days; due to severe cold and fog and mist in atmosphere, we hardly get any chance to enjoy the sun, and this morning was different from the morning of all days, because the sun was shining in the sky and I was sitting on the terrace of my home to enjoy the sun. I was looking very tense as I was confused over some matter and could not determine “What should I do?”.   I was thinking of continuing my current and temporary job which I am doing faraway from my home in a research institute or to quit it and join the training course of two year which will offer me permanent government job of teaching in my hometown. While the former is related to my study and demands more investment of approximately 6-7 years and which is uncertain too, the later leads me towards the settlement in my life and promised me to offer a government job and a bright future. I was pondering over this question and it has become the usual condition for me because now because I have become addicted to this condition of dilemma.
My grandmother, whom I called ‘Amma’, and who usually lived in our village home, has arrived here at our home in city, after a long time. She, too, was sitting there and caring my newly born nephew. She was massaging him and meanwhile taking a glimpse of me. I was aware that she was observing me, so I was trying to look normal. But I was annoyed very much and staring continuously the vehicles and trespassers on the roads. I thought many times to discuss the matter with Amma, but I didn’t know what forbids me to do so. May be it was communication gap or something else due to which I was hesitating and could not talk with her.
She broke the silence and asked me, “What are you thinking?” 
“Nothing..” I replied.
“Oh;; so what have you decided for your future?” She asked again.
Now, Amma was getting the nerve of my problem on which I was thinking continuously. 
“I am feeling unable to decide anything.” I replied.
“Your elder sister has told me that you should not leave the opportunity offered to you at your hometown and join this training, although you can leave your temporary job which you are doing faraway from your home.” She was saying, “This training course is much better for you and for your future, and not that job.”
I don’t know how has she come to know my problem? Nobody has told her about my problem, although she was aware of my condition. It was, perhaps, her sixth sense, I concluded, due to which she read my mind exactly.
She has solved my problem, but this solution, too, turned in to a problem for me….as I am a born confused.  
Have you gone through the writings of Ruskin Bond, his novellas, essays, poetry, short stories, long stories and his autobiographies. I have studied a story “The Kite Maker” written by Mr. Ruskin Bond in my intermediate English prose book. This single story had made a deep impact on my mind, that I have became a great fan of him. 
Some of stories written by him have became a legend. I remember my childhood days, when my elder sister used to tell us the horror stories during night. My elder sister used to study in “Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya” and she got only two months in a whole year which she spend with us, that is summer vacation. Each year, we used to wait for our summer vacation desperately. At that time I was only six or seven year old but listening those horror stories made us too frightened that we glued to our bed under the blanket. In those days, we didn’t think about the writer of these stories, because that was not as important as the stories for us. We imagined the words of stories in our mind in the form of a film and horrified. One of the remarkable story was “A Face in the Dark” written by Mr. Bond. In my childhood days, my sister had told us this same story without telling us the name and title of story writer. 
It is only after, I has brought the “Omnibus- The dust on the Mountains” a story collection book written by Mr. Bond, I found this story, ‘A Face in the Dark‘. And I tell you, ‘what a pleasure full experience that was;;’. The stories, which we had listened in Hindi by my sister such a long time ago, was actually written by Mr. Bond. These horror story had inculcated in my mind to such extent as it is as fresh as even today.
Frankly speaking, Mr. Bond is a short story writer, but he is a great poet too. He has written a number of sweet rhymes and poems. One of which is-
  “As I walked home last night
I saw a lone fox dancing
In the cold moonlight.
I stood and watched. Then
Took the low road, knowing
The night was his by right.
Sometimes, when words ring true,
I’m like a lone fox dancing
   In the morning dew.”           
(From-‘From Small Beginings’)
The simplicity of Mr. Bond’s writing touches every one’s heart. In addition to this the nature plays an essential role in his writing. He has accepted in one of his essays, “If anybody ask me to choose and write some lines between the ‘Taj Mahal’ or the red rose, I would prefer red rose to Taj.” This statement is further confirmed by one more of his little poems-
“I wonder where the green grass went?
All buried under new cement.
I wonder where the birds have flown?
They’ve gone to find another home.
I wonder where the footpath’s gone?
Right underneath your car, my son.
I wonder where the old folks go?
The nursing home will surely know.
What grows so fast before my eyes?
A garbage dump, a million flies.
Is this the place you celebrate?
In prose you made it sound so great;
It was…before I knew it’s fate.”

(From-‘A Town Called Dehra’)
Mr. Bond have a great feeling of love about every things in his heart. He told us the very complicated things about life in simplest of his words.
“Remember the long ago when we lay together
In a pain of tenderness and counted
Our dreams: long summer afternoons
When the whistling-thrush released
A deep sweet secret on the trembling air;
Blackbird on the wing, bird of the forest shadows,
Black rose in the long ago summer,
This was your song:
It isn’t time that’s passing by,
It is you and I.”

(From-‘Love is a Sad Song)’
Sometimes he became philosopher and writes some mysterious lines-

“We three,
We’re not a crowd;
We are not even company-
My echo,
My shadow,
And me…”
(From-‘Whistling in the Dark’)

Really he is a great contemporary writer of modern India. I have read approximately his whole stories, essays and novellas. Some of my most favourite stories are, ‘The Eyes Have It’, ‘The Night Train at Deoli’, ‘The Haunted Bicycle’, ‘Time Stops at Shamli’, ‘Going Home’, ‘The Most Potent Medicine of All’, ‘The Kite Maker’, ‘The Prospect of Flowers’, ‘A Face in the Dark’, ‘The Last Time I Saw Delhi’, ‘Whispering In the Dark’, ‘Love is a Sad Song’, ‘Reunion at Regal’, ‘When You Can’t Climb Trees Anymore’ and ‘A Love of Long Ago’ etc. The writing of Mr. Bond is so much vast and large, that one can do Ph.D. over his writings. He has also written a number of novellas, and my most favourite novel by him is- “The Room On The Roof” and “Vagrants In the Valley”. These novels are of semi-autobiographical in nature. Simplicity is the beauty of Mr. Bond’s writings. 

First of all I would like to make it clear that this novel is not about any white tiger who lived in the jungle, but it is the story of Mr Balaram Halwai, a murderer which lives in every part of our country and belongs to the area of darkness that is eastern part of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. Not only he is a murderer but he is also a philosopher and an entrepreneur. It is the story of all the evil spirits which is sleeping inside the every human body irrespective of the human nature.
The foundation of the story is laid in the Dhanbad district of Bihar, Varanasi, Delhi and Banglore. It is very interesting story about changing the relation with time. The whole story is focussed on a single question-
“Why a servent killed his master?”.
and if you want to know the answer of this question, read this novel. Really, you will pleased to read this specially the way of representation of the whole plot. The novel has been written in the form of a letter addressed to “Mr wen jiabao” the one and only chinese premier. The writer had drawn a verry funny and tragic sketch of the city Delhi and you will be wandering in the New delhi while reading this novel.
I myself has filled with a thrilling experience, and in a true sense it deserve the “Booker prize”.
Well done Mr Arvind Adiga.
I would like to kiss your arse toooo……………

One poem which inspires me mostly is-
“for all your days prepare
and meet them ever alike
when you are the anvil bear
when you are the hammer strike”
while studying the wings of fire, it seems that you are not studying the autobiography of any scientist; but you will feel that you are talking to any spiritual guru.
kalam mostly inspires my mind to do the innovative research. really it will inspire you if you will read him. I think each and every indian must read the “wings of fire” once in his life. then only he can understand how india have became the leader in the field of space technology. his experiences with SLV-3, Nandi hovercraft, & Agni missile mostly inspire all the indians.
In addition to this there is a poem in this autobiography by Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Poem is-
“God has not promished skies always blue;
flower strewn pathways, all our life through;
God has not promished sun without rain;
joy without sorrow, peace without pain;
but god has promished, strength for the day;
rest for the labour, light for the way.”
These are very much inspiring lines from him. And at last every Indian can say that I am proud of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam…………..

Hi Guys;;;
I am back with another exciting adventure stories by Chetan Bhagat. I tell you this guy is really awesome. I have studied three novels of Bhagat and i have found the “Five point someone”, “2 States” written by him so much inspiring and funny. 2 states is really rocking and five point someone is really adventurous.
Yesterday when i have finished five point someone, i was feeling as i have completed my B.Tech from IIT. The message in this novel is really good. I was thinking as it is the story of my graduation days in Pharmacy. The way of story telling of chetan is really amazing. You will find it really great;;;;;;;;;;;

Today, I am Uploading total collection of novels of “Paulo Coelho”. I found the novels of this author most inspiring in life. “The Alchemist” is the most inspiring story to follow your dreams. The one Famous line of this novel is the dialogue of the movie “Om Shanti Om”. which is-

“Kitni Muddat se maine tumhe pane ki khwahish ki hai;
Ki jarre-jarre ne mujhe tujhse milane ki sajish ki hai.”

I have studied this novel two times, first time in English and then second time in Hindi.
I suggest you, if you want to realize your dreams, you should surely read this novel. Really it is amazing;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Download this novel from my “All time Favorite box”. Enjoy;;;;;;;;;;;;

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